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Indian Himalaya

Habitat & CULTURE

APril 8–May 22 2020

15 Quarter Credits

Learn about the amazing biodiversity of the Indian Himalayan mountains

Examine how India struggles to balance wildland habitat conservation with the needs of local subsistence farmers

Explore unique topics such as medicinal plant use, agricultural ecology, human-wildlife interactions, and mountain spirituality

Gain a profound appreciation for the lives of indigenous mountain peoples of the Himalayas




APril 8–May 22 2020

15 Quarter Credits

Explore Cuba’s amazing biogeography and biodiversity

Discover a relatively untouched marine ecosystem

Transect the mountains to the coast to study the island’s unique flora and fauna

Examine how the country’s isolation has facilitated conservation

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South Africa

Oceans and Wildlife

APRIL 8–MAY 22 2020

15 Quarter Credits

Examine the rich wildlife at the interface of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans

Learn the fundamentals of temperate marine and coastal ecology

Gain biodiversity assessment and wildlife survey techniques

Discover our human origins and history along the Southern Cape

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