Medical Insurance

Wildlands Studies requires that all participants be covered by a health/medical insurance policy for domestic and international projects. It is important that students understand that they are financially responsible for all their own personal medical costs while on a Wildlands Studies project. This means that if a student needs to visit a doctor while on the project, or receive major emergency care, the student bears the cost of the medical need and any related costs (such as transport). It is extremely important to have appropriate medical insurance and travel insurance for international projects. Major emergencies can be very costly and you want to be sure your student is covered.

We require proof of insurance along with a Participant Agreement and Emergency Medical Disclosure form before a student can participate on our projects. Information about these documents, and the insurance requirements, are a part of our Logistics packet, emailed to the students about ten weeks prior to the start of the project. We describe the insurance requirements in detail and provide options for ways students can purchase insurance. If the student's parents would like the Logistics packet emailed to them as well, please feel free to have the student contact our office and we are happy to forward it to them.

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Travel Insurance

For international programs, participants must also purchase travel insurance to cover transport and evacuation costs in case of an emergency. The Participant Agreement (included in the logistics packet emailed out approximately ten weeks in advance of the project) outlines the required amount of travel insurance and describes a policy that satisfies Wildlands Studies travel insurance requirements. STA Travel, our preferred travel agent, sells the required travel insurance, and many past participants have found this to be good option for the required insurance. This travel insurance policy needs to commence on the first scheduled day outside the United States and terminate after return to the United States.