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Wildlife Corridors
JUNE 22–JulY 7, 2018
5 quarter credits

Discover Banff National Park’s incredible biomes and environments

Identify requirements for successful wildlife corridors

Learn wildlife identification, numerical assessment, route taking and obstacles

Analyze Banff’s model for international conservation efforts

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Big SurPreserving environments
JULY 29–AUGust 12, 2018

Discover Big Sur’s unique geology with jade beaches, hot springs and dynamic tectonic history

Conduct stream mapping, pool substrate analysis and steelhead count surveys

Research and gather data for our long-term sea otter population count

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Channel IslandsWildlife Recovery
JUNE 24–JULY 8, 2018

Study the unique ecology and endemic wildlife on Santa Cruz Island

Participate in the record-breaking island fox recovery program

Examine the impacts of invasive species on local ecosystems and communities

Investigate the environmental effects of long-term ranching

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YellowstoneThreatened species
JUNE 17–JULY 2, 2018
5 Quarter Credits

Discover Yellowstone’s keystone wildlife species and their critical habitat

Examine gray wolf reintroduction and on-going threats

Analyze bear habitats and ecology while actively searching for signs of their presence

Study bison herd migration and controversial management challenges

Short Term Programs | Long Term Programs
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BelizeEcosystems & Cultures
JUNE 24–AUGust 6, 2018

Examine biologically diverse biomes, rivers and marine ecosystems

Study howler monkeys, manatees and jaguars

Discover the world’s second largest barrier reef

Learn rapid ecological assessment methodologies to determine ecosystem health

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JUNE 16–JULY 28, 2018
15 Quarter Credits

Discover Iceland’s unique biomes, active volcanic zones and breathtaking glaciers

Gain biodiversity assessment and research skills through wildlife research

Investigate Iceland’s deglaciating fragile tundra and the resultant plant colonization

Learn why Iceland leads the international community in renewable energy

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